1990 BMW 3 Series


1990 BMW 3 Series

Stock #: AE58328


Odom: 29,532

Trans: 5-Speed Manual

Miles: 29,532

Mileage City: 16

Mileage Hwy: 20

Vehicle detailsVehicle type Passenger carBrand BMWModel 325IBody LIMVehicle identification number (last 7 characters) AE58328Vehicle identification number (17 characters) WBAAA1316LAE58328Development code E30Steering LLEngine M20Engine number 24664802Exhaust re-treatment No informationTransmission MECHTransmission number 0057081ANBHead unit serial number No head unit can be identified.Drive HECKIntegration level Production date Mar 23, 1990Production works MuenchenDelivery date Apr 2, 1990Delivering Retailers No informationNational-market version USAPaint code 184Upholstery code 0192Model code 1113Base type 1113Lead type 1113Optional equipmentOptional equipment fitted at the factory:Retrofitted optional equipment:0242 Steering wheel airbag0286 BMW LA wheel BMW Styling0401 Lift-up-and-slide-back sunroof, electric0410 Window lifts, electric, front0530 Air conditioning0540 Cruise control0556 Outdoor temperature indicator0675 Sound System0925 Dummy-SALAPA

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